De Morgen, Medium of the Year in Belgium

De Morgen, Medium of the Year in Belgium

cover_DeMorgenLast week, the belgium upscale newspaper De Morgen was among the winners at the annual presentation of the Merit Awards. Each year at this event, awards are presented to the Belgian advertising agencies, media and advertisers which managed to stand out the most.

De Morgen scooped the award for ‘Medium of the Year’, the perfect reward after the style and content makeover that the newspaper and website underwent in September.

‘This award is proof that the revamp at De Morgen and the launch campaign are appreciated by readers and advertisers. Once again proof that with De Morgen we have a brand that isn’t afraid to reinvent itself. We aim for quality and creativity, each and every day,’ said Brian Bollen, Sales Manager at de Persgroep International.

Learn more about De Morgen and DM Magazine

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