The Room issue 18

The Room issue 18

TheRoom18CoverOn October 26th The Room launched its 18th issue. Being an upscale magazine, The Room partners with high fashion brands such as Cartier, Lanvin and Hobbs.

The Room magazine is a Budapest based biannual and bilingual (English and Hungarian) magazine about fashion and contemporary art.

The Room was launched in 2004 by a group of friends with the goal to restore high quality fashion in Hungary and across Eastern Europe.

This cutting edge Bookzine appearing in April and October aims to offer a fresh and new creative view and provide an international artistic space of free spirit where artwork has no limits or boundaries.

The Room mixes insightful interviews and eye-catching visuals in all their issues to attract a selected audience. The magazine attempts to challenge and engage their viewers.

Since its launch, The Room has spread around the world and is now available in the hot spots of all the big European cities as well as New York and Osaka.

Article photo: THE ROOM 18 / COVER Magda Laguinge at NEXT Models Paris photographed by Charlie Engman, styled by Lyson Marchessault. Hair by Adam Szabo for Atomo using Trevor Sorbie, make up by Nobuko Meakawa using Chanel
Top photo: THE ROOM 18 / Interview with the amazingly talented Mr. Stephen Galloway! Photo by Harry Griffin text by Imola Kiss

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