Why would you choose us as a partner


MyBubbleCom is an international media representative on the french market. We represent selected luxury and upscale media reaching an international, elitist and wealthy target. We provide you with media solutions across all platforms for targeting the truly affluent. We attach great importance to set up rewarding and longstanding work relationship based on collaboration and feel of sharing.

We offer you a reliable and trustworthy expertise of the international media scene as well as a high level of customized services for tailor-made solutions. We combine Flexibility, Reactivity and Creativity to offer you the ability to reach the right target with an optimized message.


Reactivity – We make a point of maintaining close working relationships with our media and our clients. This process allows us to plan and deliver you an optimized solution in the most effective and targeted way.


Flexibility – We give you the opportunity to develop international, multi-local or local approaches enabling you to reach a single territory or the whole world depending on your needs. We are used to work on case-by-case, tailoring and personalizing our service according to your expectations.


Creativity – Our media build creative ideas and provide you with inventive and inspirational advertising solutions that can put your brand in a premium environment for even greater exposure.

Meet the team


Charlotte de Monbrison Fouchère - Founder

Charlotte has a deep knowledge of the magazine publishing and the international scene issues as she has worked in these worlds for the last 20 years.

Amongst other positions, she was the Publishing Director of TIME “Style & Design”, Time magazine’s first fashion supplement that she conceived and launched in Europe in 2002 and in the US market in 2005. She worked on the extension of Style & Design into global markets including Asia, Australia/New Zealand and India in 2007.

In 2013, Charlotte decided to create her own company: MyBubbleCom.










Nicolas Piccoli- – Sales Executive & Back Office Support

Nicolas graduated of a Bachelor degree specialised in International Trade. Judo competitor, he is always ready for a new challenge. After some experiences in Aircraft and Car industries in France and in Spain, he decided to join MyBubblecom with Charlotte, in order to learn and to improve his skills.