A new digital area for American Express’ most upscale magazines

A new digital area for American Express’ most upscale magazines

Centurion and Departures, American Express’ most elitist magazines, just re-launched their websites: www.centurion-magazine.com and www.departures-international.com.

Centurion and Departures magazines are known for featuring the most relevant and important luxury content and are positioned as the key sources of lifestyle information for Platinum and Centurion card members from American Express. Therefore, their websites have to be crafted to represent this same image on the Internet.

The digital area has been totally redesigned to serve its visitors with more efficiency and style and the two websites are now ranked as the world’s most influential sources of luxury news, views and inspiration.  They are designed to supply readers with only exclusive content, daily news and unique testimonies from extraordinary travelers.

Centurion and Departures’ new websites also allow new ways for advertisers to promote their products. The sites are now accommodated with standard ad units, rich media opportunities and creative customized solutions for advertisers.


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