Unique and legendary as a Centurion’s cover

In accordance with the editorial line and the values upheld by Centurion Magazine and its readership, the cover of each issue is showcasing craftsmanship, heritage and timelessness. Each cover with the recognizable Centurion typeface is tailor-made by talented craftsmen who shape a unique cover from materials such as wood, wool, ice, gravel, leather…

Then it’s the photographer Andreas Achmann turn to immortalize the performance destined to be the cover of Centurion Magazine and therefore printed in 74 900 copies and distributed all around the world to the Centurion card members.

This time, the cover of the latest issue of Centurion, that is to say the winter 2013 issue, was made with Swarovski crystals onto a rectangle of black and grey paisley silk. The entire cover was designed by Italian design house Stefano Ricci.

The creation process of all Centurion covers is really impressive and I invite you to follow this link, to watch more making-of video: www.centurion-magazine.com.

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