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South China Morning Post at a glance

South China Morning Post distributed in Hong Kong as well as China and the rest of Asia is now the leading English-language newspaper reaching the elite and is recognized today as being part of the world’s most influential newspapers.

First published in 1903, today, South China Morning Post strives to maintain the highest standards and is proud to rank among the world’s best-known quality newspapers.

South China Morning Post reaches a readership including the most affluent and influent business elite.

South China Morning Post’s editorial content is based on general Chinese news and international news.

Key facts


Publication : Daily
Circulation: 107 426
Distribution: Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia
Audience: 207 640

Reader's profile

Gender: 59% male / 41% female
Average age: 29 or below: 19% / 30-49: 70% /50 or over: 11%
Ethnicity: 43% Chinese/ 57% non-Chinese
Occupation: 75% Professional/Manager/Executive/Trader/Proprietor
Characteristics: 72% university or above/59% own self-purchased house
Average household income per year: 40% earn HK$ 840 000  or more


Visitors: 2.1 million monthly unique visitors on
Page views: 9 million Monthly page views
Suscribers: 23 200 Subscribers

Online reader's profile

Gender: 51% male / 49% female
Average age: 29 or below: 35% / 30-39: 46% / 40-49: 17% /50 or over: 2%
Characteristics: 66% university or above
Average household income per year: 39% earn HK$ 480 000  or more

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