Nina at a glance

Nina is known as the fashion and lifestyle reference in Flanders.

Nina is the supplement of Het Laatste Nieuws, it comes out every Saturday of the month and is mainly for women. Having a majority of female readers its articles are mostly about women’s issues, like fashion or female politic figures.

Once a while Nina offers a special offer to their readers, the Nina-dag. This offer consists of a discount card on a number of items displayed in the magazine. The main brands that partner this offer are: Bent, Veritas, Pearle Opticiens, Lola&Liza…

Key facts


Publication : Weekly on saturdays
Circulation: 371 717
Distribution: Belgium
Audience: 580 180

Reader's profile

Gender: 62% female / 38% male
Average age: 51
Characteristic: People with families; 46% high social class; 48% satisfying jobs


Visitors: 14 638

Online reader's profile

Gender: 64% female / 36% male
Average age: 36