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Het Laaste Niews at a glance

Het Laatste Nieuws can be described as understandable informed news available for a wide audience.

Het Laatste Nieuws informs its readers while being very close to their everyday life. Every day, it combines news, sports and regional news. The Web site provides 24/7 news and sports; it also provides a great place for entertainment.

Het Laatste Nieuws is a brand of information that allows you to reach people from all social groups and all age groups.



Key facts


Publication: Everyday except Sundays
Circulation: 370 000
Distribution: Belgium
Audience: 1 175 000

Reader's profile

Gender: 44% female / 56% male
Average age: 47
Characteristic: 29% families with children, 58% main household decision makers


Visitors: 634 568 unique visitors

Online reader's profile

Gender: 37% female / 63% male
Average age: 39