Goed Gevoel



Goed Gevoel at a glance

Goed Gevoel is the largest monthly magazine in Flanders. It has become a reference due to its solid expertise in the areas of health, beauty, physical and mental balance. Its articles are a source of information and inspiration for readers.

Readers trust Goed Gevoel through the expertise the magazine has been demonstrated for years.

Goed Gevoel’s readers combine their busy family life with a high social life. They are very interested in a healthy and emotional life.


Key facts


Publication : Monthly
Circulation: 74 672
Distribution: Belgium
Audience: 535 670


Visitors: 25 500 unique visitors a month on www.goedgevoel.be

Online reader's profile

Gender: 34% male / 66% female
Average age: 37

Reader's profile

Gender: 23% male / 77% female
Average age: 45
Characteristics: 57% high social class; 34% have a child less than 15 years old